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Mtplex and the IUAD Academy: Study and Comparison between Students and Company

Our meeting with the IUAD Academy was an extraordinary moment that created a meaningful connection between us and the students. Welcoming the kids to our facilities was a privilege, allowing them to completely immerse themselves in our corporate reality.During the hours spent together, we opened the doors of our laboratories, allowing students to closely explore the materials and processes that characterize our production process. In the heart of our laboratory, they had the opportunity to witness the creation of one of our products, experiencing the challenges and skills involved in real time.

We are deeply grateful for the enthusiasm shown by IUAD teachers and students.

The dynamic interactions enriched our exchange, creating a constructive dialogue that goes beyond simple presentations.This meeting represents a crucial starting point for us. We are determined to cultivate this collaboration, opening the doors to further mutual learning opportunities. The connection between company and academia is vital for the complete professional development of students, and we are ready to support this path.

Special thanks go to the Maione and Formati teachers of the IUAD Academy. Your invaluable guidance and commitment made this meaningful exchange of knowledge possible. We look forward with enthusiasm to future collaborations and further learning opportunities with the IUAD Academy.

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