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The collaboration between MTplex and its customers has always assumed the tone of a real partnership.

In particular, in the industrial sector, companies often ask us for the development of ad hoc materials and solutions, designed to facilitate their production process.

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PMMA acrylic

Sheets of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with excellent optical properties, bright surfaces and remarkable resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents. 

Aluminum composite

Composite panel made up of two aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core and polyester-based surface paint.

The panels are light, planar, self-extinguishing, resistant to atmospheric agents and represent the ideal support for digital printing. 

Expanded PVC

Rigid expanded PVC has an extremely regular internal cellular structure and is easily thermoformable and workable with metal and wood tools. 

In the communication sector, PVC sheets are widely used in signage and screen printing. 

In the industrial field, their use in paneling, instead of laminates, avoids the risk of delamination.

Compact polycarbonate

Solid extruded polycarbonate sheet with UV protection on both sides. 

Light, flexible and resistant to impact and ageing, they have a transparency comparable to glass and allow the transmission of over 90% of the light.

The slabs are heat-formable and cold-bendable at the time of installation to facilitate application.

The slabs are widely used in the field of roofing and transparent glazing, in the construction of shelters and pedestrian tunnels.

Honeycomb polycarbonate

Multiwall sheet in polycarbonate with honeycomb structure.

The most important feature of this slab is the multiwall structure (5 walls for the 10 mm slab, 9 walls for the 16 mm one) which traps the air inside. 

Thanks to its structure it is able to offer considerably higher thermal insulation performance than traditional slabs; this material also allows excellent light transmission and guarantees great ease of processing and installation.

A honeycomb version, thanks to a particular pigment dissolved in the compound, blocks the passage of infrared rays responsible for overheating, allowing high levels of light to pass through

Bars and Tubes

The wide range of bars includes round and square cast acrylic bars in different sizes and dimensions, spheres and bars with half-round, triangular, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal sections with a bright appearance and easy workability.

The basic materials for the production of the Bars are the sheets and blocks of cast methacrylate.

Important characteristics are good workability, transparency, on request a wide range of colors and different lengths.

The most common uses are in the medical, pharmaceutical and gift sector. The square bars are resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays

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