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Our services and products have always been linked to design, made by Professionals and Artisans, who carry out their customized projects with us, finding the right solutions to make their ideas functional and achievable._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

We also find space for young designers and students who want to deepen or start their career.

Preparation and furniture

Design becomes a way to make a space functional and exciting whether it is a shop or a private space.

We help the designer realize his vision and assert his aesthetic sense.

Home furnishing

There are countless uses of our materials to furnish the home, from the detail to the furnishing accessory. Thanks to the versatility, the various processes and the unique characteristics of the materials, the Designers have fun creating and daring with their ideas,

Museums and Exhibitions

We have always been engaged with associations, institutions and museums to preserve works of enormous value and display them in complete safety. The uses of our products are endless like the various beauties they show to tourists and visitors every day.


The workings on the materials we use and the experience acquired make it possible to meet the various requests for the creation of prototypes even on a small scale.  

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